biz4Biz – Winners

biz4Biz – Winners

We’re delighted to announce that we won the biz4Biz award for the ‘Made in Herts’ category. We’re grateful to have very supportive customers and bright and enthusiastic staff that can make these things possible.

The biz4Biz awards have been running for 3 years recognising excellence in business across Hertfordshire.

Excellence is our favourite core value, this covers everything that we are, we demand excellence from our suppliers, and we demand excellence from ourselves when delivering our world-class systems.

What are the biz4Biz awards?

The biz4Biz Awards are impartial, independent awards that can be won by anyone involved in business in Hertfordshire. The aim of the biz4Biz Awards is to seek out examples of being the best at what we do.

Made in Herts Category

This award was open to any Hertfordshire-based company whose products are produced in the county. Each business needed to demonstrate a passion for working with and supporting other businesses in Hertfordshire, by sourcing locally.

What do we do to stand out from the crowd?

Our products are conceived, designed, marketed, manufactured and shipped worldwide from our Hertfordshire base, where we have Software, Hardware and Mechanical Engineers, a range of quality, production, and test specialists, and a manufacturing site that would be the envy of any company making its own products.

We have been focussing on every area of the business to improve and improve again, we want to drive an ethos of continuous improvement throughout the business.

Paul Taylor, New Product Introduction and Continuous Improvement Manager (photographed below) explains “improve 1000 things 1% and keep improving everything you do on a daily basis and you will eventually end up with your systems and staff performing at a level of excellence.”


We have tackled every part of our business to drive quality towards perfection including:

1.Supply chain:

Some of our products that had previously been made in the Far East are now produced in the UK
We’ve updated which currency we buy our parts in, resulting in vast savings
Developed our approach to JIT to cut costs and reduce stock

2. Design:

We have introduced various new measures for hardware and software design and have improved our production validation systems and procedures

3. Manufacturing:

We have made large investments in capital equipment for very specialised manufacturing processes
We’ve redesigned our manufacturing area for the best flow of work
Updated all our Work Instructions to be in the latest format and readily available on the shop floor

4. ERP Systems

We have introduced one of the best Enterprise Resource Planning systems available (PRIORITY) to tie our whole business into one “information” platform

5. Our Order processing procedures have been rewritten in line with priority, enabling anyone requiring information to have it only a click away

6. RIK – Repository for Knowledge. This is an internal knowledge base covering all our 1800 products and anything you may need to know!

These are the broad overview of our recent improvements but there are some particular things we are proud of:

  • Packaging to be bio-degradable
  • New bio-degradable tape
  • Product instructions now available to download links or USB
  • Adhesives and solvents now replaced with environmentally friendly alternatives
  • Removal of all packaging foam
  • Paperless office
  • Only using PCB suppliers that conform to rigorous industry standards
  • Only using suppliers that are RoHS accredited

Thank you again to everyone that voted for us we were thrilled to get the opportunity to present our business and projects to the biz4Biz judges alongside 20 other fantastic businesses. Well done to all the other finalists.

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