Hanwell EMS – Environmental Monitoring Software

Hanwell EMS - Environmental Monitoring Software


Comprehensive Software Platform

EMS is a leading edge software platform that combines and supersedes Synergy and Notion Pro onto a single integrated software solution.

EMS is a scalable and offers a contemporary browser-based user interface. This enables the data from both Hanwell Pro and Hanwell IceSpy hardware to be seamlessly fed into one system, providing an industry leading software and hardware combination.

Whatever you need, Whenever it’s needed, Wherever you are



Overview provides users with an overview of overall system status, while the dashboard can be customised per user.

Tabular View

Tabular View provides list of sensors with clear indication of alarm, battery status and live data

Graphical View

Graphical View provides line graphs with optional door position indicator, alarm level indication. Data overlays, zoom plus many more features.

Plan View

Plan View provides visual indication of sensor location within a facility. Sensor icons show real-time data and alarms and interaction by double clicking icon.

Validatable software

Specifically for the pharmaceutical sectors, we provide comprehensive IQ and OQ protocols and custom protocols, where required. Trained engineers and distributors are available for smooth validation protocol execution.

EMS assists with national regulatory compliance requirements

GxP Guidelines, HACCP, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU GMP Annex 11, and ISO 22000 food standards

Deploy the system in a single or multiple geographic locations

Schematic A

All system componenets would be installed in the same physical location.


Schematic B

Shows how the system components could all be located in different geographic locations using a server and SQL connected via secure connection, e.g. intranet/VPN.



Hanwell EMS Alarms smartphone app for ultimate peace of mind

Android and iPhone App

The Hanwell EMS Alarms App is your direct access to Hanwell EMS sites and sensor group data with real-time alarm notification. Immediate alerts, in and out of working hours, for ultimate peace of mind.

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