About Ellab Monitoring Solutions Ltd

Our comprehensive environmental monitoring solutions have been designed and manufactured in-house since 1990. Since then, we have been able to assist with protecting and preserving what matters most to our clients across multiple sectors; Pharmaceutical, Food, Hospitals, Laboratories, Heritage and many more.

Our approach is to listen and understand our customer’s applications to consistently deliver reliable solutions that lead the way in quality and capability. To ensure we never compromise on the quality of our products, we are proud to operate a quality management system which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001.

We surround ourselves with experienced and skilled teams both in-house and worldwide with our hand-selected team of distributors. This allows us to provide exceptional customer service across the globe, now and for years to come.

Ellab Monitoring Solutions is part of Ellab, a global leader in thermal validation and monitoring solutions for the pharmaceutical, medical and food processing industries.

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Company Overview

Why choose Hanwell Environmental Monitoring Solutions?

For our experience

We have an enviable reputation in wireless environmental monitoring and control within Heritage, Food Retail and Heavy Industry sectors. Our systems and data loggers cover a wide range of parameters including temperature, humidity, CO2, LUX, airflow. We make it our business to understand our markets and our customers across the globe.

Our systems are currently in use in an amazing array of applications from helping to preserve artefacts in The Royal Palaces and The Vatican to monitoring salad farms at the top of Malaysian mountains and their refrigerated transportation thereafter.

Our strength lies in our breadth of experience. We use it to react to the changes in legislation that can drive the needs of our customers and to respond to the advances in environmental monitoring technology that allow us to offer our customers a better and more effective way to achieve their business goals.

For our approach

Every one of our customers is different and they all require their own individual solution. Our approach is to listen, to ask questions and only then offer advice on the system or product that is right for them. This can take minutes or months depending on the complexity of the situation. We survey your sites, we install your environmental monitoring systems and we offer post-sales support for our products as and when you need it. We also operate a network of distributors across the globe to help us service those customers who we cannot easily reach.

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For our commitment to the future

We are unique in that we design and manufacture the majority of our environmental monitoring and control systems. We design and build our system to be flexible and to last so they can be added to as your business grows and changes.

And we invest in the future of Hanwell – the people, the technology and the products to make sure that we will always be here with the right solution when you need it.


We provide both on-site calibration or in-house calibration, ensuring there is minimal disruption to your service. Our calibration lab technicians provide our customers with flexibility in both cost and convenience for ongoing maintenance of your investment. We can test a multitude of calibration points and provide UKAS certification where required.

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The History of Hanwell

Ellab Monitoring Solutions Ltd. has a deep-rooted history in designing and manufacturing environmental monitoring since 1990 where Hanwell products were first developed for use with monitoring historical artefacts and buildings alongside The National Trust and the V&A. The amalgamation of relevant companies, skills, and knowledge, combined with acquisitions thereafter have been key in supporting and improving our core product and service offerings.

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