Data Loggers

Data loggers provide automated data recording and are an ideal solution for standalone monitoring requirements.

Many of our data loggers come with an LCD screen for immediate visual display and have a memory capacity of up to 100,000 readings that can be downloaded to a local PC for analysis.

data loggers

We pride ourselves on the accuracy, reliability and longevity of our data loggers and sensors, which are used throughout the UK and across the world for a multitude of applications.

Due to the nature of data loggers, the downloaded data can only provide users with a retrospective view of environments, which for many applications is all that is required. However, for immediate alerts of pre-determined boundaries, using a wireless system is a more effective solution.

Why choose Hanwell?

With over 25 years of experience in design and manufacture of data loggers, our British made monitoring systems enable us to remain flexible to respond to customer needs and maintain the level of quality expected from our customers.

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Calibration for Data Loggers

Convenient, reliable on-site calibration for minimal disruption or in-house calibration using our calibration lab technicians provide our customers with flexibility in cost and convenience for ongoing maintenance of your investment with a multitude of calibration points and UKAS certification where required.


What is a data logger?

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what is a data logger