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Products that make up this medicine storage monitoring solution

VBRC choose Hanwell radio to power through steel vault for medicine storage monitoring

Veterinary & Biomedical Research Center, Inc. (VBRC) helps to design and conduct research that guides potential products through the FDA and USDA regulatory approval pathway for vaccine and pharmaceutical manufacturers, and requires medicine storage monitoring system.

The Hanwell radio telemetry was put to the test when Director of Clinical Service, Keith DeDonder at VBRC required a wireless data logger to record ambient temperature and humidity within a steel medicine storage vault and transmit data to their local PC within their Kansas site.

With the initial intention of using a cable between the door seal, it quickly became apparent that the solution was much simpler, thanks to the power of the Hanwell radio telemetry.

Monitoring medicine within metal vaults and safes

Due to the ‘Misuse of Drugs Safe Custody Regulations’, when it comes to medicine storage, companies are required to store all schedule 2 drugs within a cabinet or safe that is locked with a key. The storage area should be made of metal and fixed to the wall or floor.

In addition to these regulations, FDA compliance and study compliance requirements include environmental monitoring of test articles during storage. Typically, medicines should be stored between 2-8°C but humidity also plays a key role in dry storage applications. 

Looking at the options

Keith had been set the task to find ambient temperature and humidity monitoring systems that VBRC could use for various applications on site, with the added challenge of monitoring temperature and humidity within their ½ feet thick (15.24cm) steel and concrete vault door.

Finding a solution to this and other unique challenges within their facility was not going to be easy and after contacting several other companies, it quickly became clear that Hanwell was the front runner, passing all the initial tests and seeming to be the perfect fit for their medicine storage monitoring needs.

The proposed medicine storage monitoring solution

The Hanwell Pro monitoring system is well established as being the most reliable radio system on the market with the ability to reach over 10,000ft. (3.5km) over open ground, so we were keen to show how the strength of the Hanwell radio range could meet the unique wireless requirements set out for us by VBRC.

Following Keith’s initial review of the technology he explains “Overall I was very surprised with the capabilities of this unit in this situation as well as all other facets of the service and products of Hanwell.”

Hanwell installed a variety of products. For the steel and concrete safe Hanwell used 1 x RL4114 with 1 x J140  which transmits to an SR2 base station. The SR2 is networked to a local PC and network for access to comprehensive Hanwell software.

An additional 15 sensors were placed around the site for various other applications such as, ultra-low freezers, ambient storage vault, -20°C freezers, a fridge, an incubator, and ambient room conditions.

“We were also able to use the monitoring system within our specialist rooms that are encased on all sides with 8” steel reinforced concrete walls. The units have not missed a beat and continue to outperform expectations” says Keith.

The Hanwell system collects data from each of these critical points to a centralised system that enables users access to data in and out of working hours via a PC, tablet or browser. Emails and Hanwell smart app alerts are set up for alarm notifications out of normal working hours.The medicine storage monitoring system is used to schedule regular reports to designated staff members and ensure historical data is accurate and available for regulatory purposes.


As expected, the Hanwell Pro radio range didn’t let us or VBRC down. The radio strength powered through the thick steel and concrete obstructions sending data to a base station. This and other sensor data is sent to their local PC/Network providing them with real-time environmental data for their entire site with immediate access to alerts 24/7.

How could this application be applied to your needs?

Please contact us to find out how we can assist you with temperature controlled medicine storage and obtain your free consultation. We will carry out a signal strength test to reassure you our radio telemetry is unrivalled. Call on +44 (0) 1462 688 070 or fill out an enquiry form here.

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Keith DeDonder

Keith DeDonder, Director of Clinical Service

I continue to be impressed not only with the performance of Hanwell’s superior products but with their personal customer service. The people, just like the products have far outperformed our expectations!

Application for medicine storage

Steel and concrete safe containing drugs for temperature controlled medicine storage

Environmental Measurement Requirements

There were a variety of different temperature requirements for ultra-low freezers, -20C freezers, fridges and an incubator. Additionally there was the need to measure ambient temperature and humidity.

Customer Challenge

Finding a wireless system that has the radio strength to transmit through steel and concrete


Hanwell provided a wireless system not only penetrated through the steel and concrete vault, but an additional 15 sensors were placed around the site to provide a comprehensive environmental monitoring solutions.





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