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Monitoring specialist, Hanwell Solutions is called upon for temperature controlled medicine storage monitoring system

Medicine Storage

Changes in conditions could easily go unnoticed without the use of independent medicine storage monitoring processes and equipment. Medicine storage conditions are required to be monitored for the safety and stability of medicines, typically between 2-8C. The storage unit performance can vary and degrade over time as with most equipment.

So when storage units are difficult or expensive to replace, an accurate and wireless solution could be the key to maintaining quality of stock.

Read more below to see how a customer overcame a difficult situation utilising wireless equipment with strong signal strength.

Customer Challenge

Due to the ‘Misuse of Drugs Safe Custody Regulations’, when it comes to medicine storage, pharmaceutical companies are required to store all schedule 2 drugs within a cabinet or safe that is locked with a key. The cabinet should be made of metal and fixed to the wall or floor.

A well-known pharmaceutical company required ambient temperature monitoring for their control drug storage safe. The challenge for them was to find RL40001 wireless digital thermometera company that could successfully transmit critical temperature data wirelessly from inside a steel and concrete safe that is only one and a half feet thick (containing their valuable drugs). Data needed to transmit to their local PC/network for immediate alerts of temperature breach while continuously maintaining historical records of the internal environments.

Solution to temperature controlled medicine storage

The Hanwell Pro monitoring system is well established as being the most reliable radio system on the market with the ability to reach over 3.5km over open ground, so we were keen to show how the strength of the Hanwell radio range could meet the unique wireless requirements set out for us here for a temperature controlled medicine storage solution.

Products used: 1 x RL4001-434.075, 1 x Y300 (single-point monitoring) which transfers to SR2 base station. The SR2 is networked or connected directly to a local PC for access to EMS.

EMS is a centralised monitoring solution that enables users access to data in and out of working hours via a PC, tablet or browser. Emails and optional SMS alerts can be set up for alerts out of normal working hours.

Use the system to schedule regular reports to designated staff members and ensure historical data is accurate and available for regulatory purposes.


As expected, the Hanwell Pro radio range didn’t let us or our customer down. The radio strength powered through the one and a half feet thick steel and concrete obstruction to their local PC/Network providing them with real-time temperature data and alerts easily accessible 24/7.

How could this application be applied to your needs?

Please contact us to find out how we can assist you with temperature controlled medicine storage and obtain your free consultation. We will carry out a signal strength test to reassure you our radio telemetry is unrivalled. Call on +44 (0) 1462 688 070 or fill out an enquiry form here.

Manufactured by Hanwell | Ellab

Application for medicine storage

Steel and concrete safe containing drugs for temperature controlled medicine storage

Environmental Measurement Requirements

Ambient Temperature

Customer Challenge

Finding a wireless system that has the radio strength to transmit through steel and concrete



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