Temperature Monitoring for Vets

Hanwell makes Lite work of temperature monitoring for vets

Ensuring temperatures for cold chain storage of vaccines & controlled drugs at the correct level around the clock is vital for veterinary practices, according to the business director at Paragon Veterinary Group, a leading Cumbrian practice.

The earlier a problem with cold storage is identified, the quicker it can be rectified to prevent catastrophic pharmaceutical refrigerator failures and product spoilage, which could run into tens of thousands of pounds. That’s why Paragon turned to the latest wireless environmental monitoring technology from Hanwell.

Needing more live monitoring and a warning system that would function 24/7, even when staff were not in the buildings, Paragon chose Hanwell’s Notion Lite system for accurate, compliant, real-time monitoring for the Group’s pharmaceutical fridges.

Paragon, a multi-discipline, multi-centered practice with 18 veterinary surgeons supplying services to companion, equine and farm animals, were using temperature Data Loggers but found these to be potentially retrospective.

A simple plug and play wireless solution with easy-access audit-ready reports, Hanwell’s Notion Lite base units and internal transmitters, are now keeping tabs on the pharmaceutical fridge temperatures in both of Paragon’s premises, ensuring product safety and regulatory compliance.

Bruce Richards BVSc DBR MRCVS, Business Director at Paragon, says cold chain storage is crucial for his practice in the delivery of patient care. Accurate, real-time temperature monitoring of vets refrigerators can save the day in the event of potential incidents such as power cuts, fridge failures or doors left open. Bruce said:

“Product reliability and efficacy is of utmost importance to our patients, their owners and us. As a veterinary business, storage of cold chain product is something we take seriously. This is the first time we have invested in this temperature monitoring technology. We did consider other options but after feedback from colleagues in other veterinary practices chose Notion Lite.”

Notion Lite offers users a cost-effective solution to wireless temperature monitoring for up to 30 fridges or freezers, records and stores a critical log of historical temperature data, sends out alerts (email and SMS) to multiple users and triggers an audible alarm whenever any user-set thresholds are exceeded, providing ultimate peace of mind. hanwell lite hardware

Competitors use Wifi technology, which is simply not as reliable. Our expert solutions are vital in helping vets to meet the practice standards of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Our philosophy of keeping all design and manufacturing in-house in the UK enables our team to rapidly respond to ever-changing requirements, particularly those driven by legislation. Effective reporting not only helps to avoid disasters but also provides easy proof that products were stored, processed and displayed under the correct conditions.

Regulation is a driver for improvement so monitoring cold storage solutions every minute, 24/7, 365 days a year provides an extra layer of protection for pharmaceutical products and any other temperature sensitive items.

Case study written by Allott’s & Associates Ltd.

“Product reliability and efficacy is of utmost importance to our patients, their owners and us. As a veterinary business, storage of cold chain product is something we take seriously.”



  • Leading veterinary practice needed live monitoring and warning system that would run 24/7
  • Cold chain storage is vital for Paragon in the delivery of patient care
  • The surgery was previously using temperature Data Loggers, but found they were potentially retrospective


  • A plug & play Notion Lite kit provided a vet temperature monitoring solution


  • Notion Lite technology offers Paragon a cost-effective solution, alarming users via email or SMS when any user-set thresholds are exceeded
  • Hanwell’s Notion Lite base unit and internal transmitters are now monitoring pharmaceutical fridges across both of Paragon’s premises

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