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Malaysian cold storage firm Cold Chain Network steps up monitoring with Hanwell technology

Malaysia-based Cold Chain Network has stepped up its assurance of optimal storage conditions with the installation of intelligent wireless temperature monitoring technology for it’s cold chain distribution.


The firm selected Hanwell Solutions through their Malaysian distributor Cynotex to design and implement a cold chain distribution specific wireless temperature monitoring solution for its newly-established storage facility in the state of Selangor, near Kuala Lumpur. Cynotex specialises in bringing cold chain distribution solutions to the Asian market.

CCN, a provider of temperature controlled storage and transport services, occupies a 200,000sq ft warehouse which houses a number of specialist cold rooms for chilled and frozen goods.

The company were using electronic data loggers and manually logging temperature from local areas but, due to business expansion, required a change to an automated wireless system. Specific requirements included an online real-time and wireless temperature monitoring system with immediate alarm notification of events to ensure the integrity of stored products and alleviate audit stress with easy to use software with historical data.

A specially-tailored Hanwell IceSpy monitoring system consisting of 24 units was recommended within 18 rooms, primarily to monitor the temperature of stored ice cream, ensuring continuous safe storage.

The technology gives CCN an efficient means of monitoring temperatures in real-time throughout the cold chain distribution process without the need for regular manual checks by staff. The system features alarm notifications which can be triggered in any incidence when temperatures exceed predetermined limits, enabling fast and effective remedial action to be taken. The system additionally gathers data over longer periods which is transferred to a local PC for analysis of significant trends and can be viewed online using WebView.


CCN offers an uninterrupted cold chain distribution system, maintaining integrity through each critical control point from warehouse to transportation and retail. Having served the Malaysian and Singaporean cold chain industry for almost a decade, CCN has developed a reputation for best-in-class services and innovation, all geared towards ensuring the freshness and safety of goods. With full ISO certification, the company was the first cold chain logistics provider to receive the MS 2400:2010 Halalan Toyibban (HT) standard, which upholds the integrity of Halal goods. The addition of the Hanwell IceSpy system has met their immediate and long-term monitoring needs, reinforcing their reputation for providing high quality produce.

A spokesman for CCN said: “Ensuring temperature integrity is a critical part of the service we deliver to our customers and enhances their confidence. We now have a state-of-the-art monitoring system that gives us better control over the integrity of temperatures. It will bring us closer to our aim of being best-in-class for temperature-controlled warehousing.”

For more information about how our cold chain distribution temperature monitoring solutions can assist you, please contact us today on +44 (0) 1462 688 070.

“We now have a state-of-the-art monitoring system that gives us better control over the integrity of temperatures. It will bring us closer to our aim of being best-in-class for temperature-controlled warehousing.”

A spokesman at CCN


Cold Chain Network has a 200,000sq ft temperature controlled warehouse with 18 cold rooms:

  • 4 chillers, 4 freezers
  • 2 Multi-temperature cold-rooms
  • 5 dedicated picking chambers

Flexible cold rooms with a range of temperatures and sub-zero ante rooms.

Company Profile
CCN provide temperature controlled storage and transport services for chilled and frozen goods.

Hanwell IceSpy System5.


  • Better cold chain compliance
  • Reduced energy due to being able to maintain optimum temperature conditions
  • Fully automated alarm monitoring
  • Full audit trail
  • Shows a commitment to quality


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