ATM Impact and Tilt Monitoring

Resolving your ATM Impact Tilt Monitoring problems


ATMs are vulnerable to damage caused by improper handling during shipping and installation, specifically tilting and impact. If the ATM is tilted, or an impact occurs the cash dispenser mechanism can move out of alignment which can result in a failure to dispense the cash requested.

Faults such as these are easily rectified if the problem is identified at point of delivery.


The affordable ShockWatch Labels and TiltWatch Plus can be affixed directly to the ATM or packaging at point of dispatch to firstly act as a visual deterrent to improper handling and secondly, to clearly indicate if the ATM has been tilted or mishandled during shipping or installation. The WiltWatch Plus and ShockWatch label assists in increasing the accountability of damage and provides indisputable evidence of mishandling to support any claims for damage.

By implementing damage deterrence measures using ATM impact tilt monitoring techniques you can easily and quickly identify faults from tilt or shock and decrease and the correct conditions for shipping and installation going forward.

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