Al Ain Fertility Centre

Hanwell Pro technology chosen by world-class medical facility

The Al Ain Fertility Center (AAFC) provides a wide range of fertility services and treatments
in UAE to the highest European and American approved quality standards and offers the
most advanced techniques of assisted reproduction such as ICSI, PGD, PGS and gender selection. AAFC takes great pride in its focus on personalised care, placing clients at the heart of everything it does, giving its patients the opportunity to receive the most suitable tailor-made fertility treatments for the best achievable results.

MicroscopeAAFC’s is nationally and internationally recognised as leading experts in delivering new life, offering a distinguished health care service in UAE and worldwide. The Center’s focus is fertility treatments, gynaecology and detecting the genetic diagnoses, to achieve the highest results comparable to the very best centers in the world. Great importance is placed on scientific research and Continuous
Medical Education.

The Centre contacted Hanwell Solution’s distributor, Ideal Technology Services to work through the challenges they face. Regular heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems did not offer the ability to maintain conditions to a level required by a medical center and room temperature and humidity were unstable, with the HVAC system offering very poor control.

The Center required a monitoring system to be of the highest quality, accuracy and reliability, Product at Al Ain Fertility Centrewhich is why they chose the Hanwell Pro wireless range. The Hanwell Pro system is well-known for providing a multitude of solutions in one system specifically for measurement and control of temperature and humidity of laboratories, clean rooms and pharmacies. Ideal as the Centre needed measurement and control of pressure in clean rooms and laboratories, measurement of UV leakage in clean rooms, and measurement of dust accumulation in laboratory areas.

“We chose Hanwell for a solution above other suppliers because as well as meeting our exacting requirements there were already reference projects of Hanwell products successfully installed by ITECH with UAE.”

The solutions provided by Hanwell demonstrates extensive international experience of sensitive monitoring and control in challenging environments such as operating theatres, blood storage, medical fridges and more, using one non-intrusive system, and due to the needs of the Center a radiotelemetric Hanwell Pro system was selected.

“Before the installation of a monitoring solution we were using handheld devices and manually logging the data. But the handheld devices were having unstable readings and there’s no software for these devices, so staff were required to spend valuable time manually logging all data on paper – and of course this introduces human error, especially during busy periods when manual logging can be forgotten and data missed,” explained Dr. Nizar Sharara, Head of the pharmacy.

Products at Al Ain Fertility CentreAAFC was seeking a fast, easy and safe solution to the medical team’s requirements – something that would give them accurate data to control HVAC systems and ensure that temperature of refrigerators/freezers were properly monitored and controlled. Measurement of accumulation of dust in lab areas was also important.

“We also wanted simple and accurate measurement of any UV leaks during the sanitization process to protect staff from any harmful exposures,” explained Dr. Nizar Sharara. “The Hanwell equipment was installed and working quickly and the service provided was good, with excellent
responses and support from Ideal Technology Services. By introducing this technology to our business we now avoid damage of medication and items in our genetic labs and pharmacy.”

“Now the Hanwell monitoring and control technology is installed, feedback to HVAC has improved, our temperature, humidity, pressure, UV and dust controls are enhanced, plus we’re no longer reliant on time-consuming manual record-keeping.”

Al Ain Fertility Center


“We now have reliable and accurate monitoring of pressure in our clean rooms to avoid contamination and the system also allows us to maintain proper automated records for auditing purposes.”



  • World-class medical center with a variety of monitoring and data logging requirements
  • The Center’s need to monitor and control ‘fridge and freezer temperatures, laboratory, clean rooms and pharmacy humidity and temperature, clean room and lab pressure, UV leakage and dust accumulation was hampered by unstable HVAC controls.
  • Additionally, medical staff were using handheld measurement devices and manually logging the data, and suffering unstable readings as a consequence.

Company Profile:

  • The Al Ain Fertility Center (AAFC) provides a wide range of world-class fertility services and treatments.
  • The Center has two Genetic Laboratories measuring 5m x 6m and 3.5m x 4.5m, and a pharmacy with refrigerators and freezers in the same room.


  • A radio-telemetric Hanwell Pro system
  • Radio transmitters for temperature,
    humidity, differential pressure, Lux
    and UV.


  • Hanwell technology is providing controls and data to enable this prestigious medical center to monitor a wide variety of conditions, maintain the correct conditions and provide accurate automated records for auditing purposes, while being as energy efficient as possible.
  • The Hanwell installation marked an end to the Center’s reliance on manually downloaded standalone loggers and spot readers.
  • A happy client – “By introducing this technology to our business we now avoid damage of medication and items in our genetic labs and pharmacy, plus we’re no longer reliant on time-consuming manual record-keeping ”
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