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Hanwell IceSpy

The Hanwell IceSpy brand (successor of Notion Pro / System5) is ideal for medium to large companies that require multi-parameter and multi-site wireless temperature monitoring within fridges, cold rooms, cooking processes, storage facilities, vehicles, warehouses, laboratory equipment, such as -80°C freezers and incubators.

The Hanwell IceSpy wireless temperature monitoring system consists of transmitters that log, store and send readings to a Base unit. Data can be downloaded to either a single PC, IT network, or to the Internet. Repeaters can be used to extend the range of the system.

Over 25 years of knowledge, experience and expertise of wireless monitoring have been invested into Hanwell IceSpy. Hanwell IceSpy transmitters have built-in monitoring for temperature, humidity and door events with user changeable batteries. Additional sensors can also be added to these transmitters to monitor many other parameters such as gases, flow rates, pressure or pH levels.

Hanwell Lite

The innovative Hanwell technology and British design has enabled us to expand the range to retail sectors using Hanwell Lite. This cost-effective and simple to install wireless temperature monitoring system is specifically designed for small retailers such as butchers, GP’s, restaurants, high street pharmacies and many more. Learn more about Hanwell Lite.

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Hanwell wireless temperature monitoring systems

The Hanwell IceSpy product is well recognised across food and healthcare industry sectors for providing solutions to wireless temperature monitoring. Our Hanwell wireless temperature monitoring systems; Hanwell Pro, Hanwell IceSpy and Hanwell Lite can be used for multiple applications and meet national regulations within multiple industries. 

Use Hanwell Systems to:

  • Avoid errors in temperature manual checks
  • Eliminate temperature damage
  • Meet strict regulatory guidelines and keep historical records
  • Stabilise fridge temperature fluctuations
  • Alerts for fridge/freezer door over-activity
  • Alerts for temperature fluctuations during transportation

Results Achieved:

  • Reduced damage
  • Reduced costs in replacement goods
  • Alleviated audit stress
  • Reduced errors from manual checks
  • Reduced energy costs, due to accurate temperature readings

Hanwell Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and ability to accurately interpret customer requirements so to provide a total solution to real world instrumentation problems such as wireless temperature monitoring. Our philosophy of keeping all design and manufacturing in-house enables us to rapidly respond to ever-changing requirements, particularly those driven by legislation.

In order to support the professional user in meeting their obligations we offer ongoing post-purchase support with immediate telephone support, live remote support and the resources to have engineers on-site within 12 hours if required.

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