AnoxiBug System

Insect Pest Control for Heritage

The AnoxiBug (Previously known as ZerO2) solution is a revolutionary atmospheric control method, making it possible to eliminate pests from organic materials cost effectively and efficiently.

As a result of our innovation, this solution is the first product of its kind that can eradicate damaging insect pests from organic materials 100% effectively without the need for expensive chemical treatments.

Benefits Include:

✔ Cost effective and reliable
✔ Stress-free, easy-to-follow method
✔ Artefacts never leave protection of your own building
✔ A fraction of the cost of other methods



Typical Insect Pests

Case Study

Insect Pest Management Wardown Park Museum

A valuable 18th-century hat discovered during needed to be thoroughly treated for pests before it could join a museum collection.

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